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June 17, 2015
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hello friends welcome to my videos so in this video I'm going to talk about common reasons for your Canada Express Entry applications refusal so when we file our application our documents are the first pieces of information a case officer uses to determine our eligibility so we have to be perfect and we have to submit the right set of documents so do not miss to submit any document like submit all the required documents that anybody would submit all required documents now we'll come to individual sections one after one now let's go for the job reference letter so I'll tell you a story recently one of my friends application was denied eligibility the reason he had an excellent later God from his employer with his job duties almost exactly matching to the NOC code under which he applied the only thing he missed in his job little reference later was any reference to the type of employment I'm part I'm number of hours there was no information so his job reference letter just said hey I'm like to whomsoever it concerned to and this guy worked for us this this duration the job duties that's all so the major piece of information was missed here with ether employment was full-time part-time number of hours so make sure when you get a letter you know that an employment of 30 hours a week is considered full-time so if you even if you have not worked for full-time job and part-time then it's important for you to mention number of hours so make sure you have these pieces of information readily available in your document because if somebody goes through it this is how they're going to determine if you say I work for an employer for five years is no difference whether it was part-time or full-time but if you have been mentioned like full-time let's say 35 hours a week okay good so you work for fiber yes you have five years of experience verified perfect and I mean up to that size and then your job duties will be checked but if you don't have that information that means there's no way for the officer to determine all right so this is one second thing and in fact I should have told you this first that Mis into misrepresentation this is something you should always avoid under any circumstance do not misrepresent yourself never if you are intentionally doing this this is that is going to be the worst thing you ever do because case officers have got all the resources in the world even you know that these government agencies even collaborate with other agencies to check your application to check information about you so it's not gonna be so easy for you to just lie and get through your application don't know don't do it because because this is not just gonna take you to the denial of your application it's like prosecution also I mean to say you make it bad for entering or applying again for a certain period of time so make sure no miss in representation just don't do it even if it comes in your...